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"Learning yoga with Jo has been a truly transformational experience. Her knowledge and expertise when it comes to both the spiritual teachings and the physical practice are exceptional, and are matched only by her incredible energy and her warm and open spirit. Through her teaching, Jo manages to create a safe and peaceful environment, where she shows you how to listen to your body whilst also encouraging you to gain the confidence to achieve things you didn't think were possible. Every practice with Jo left me feeling both physically and spiritually empowered; I would highly recommend her to any student at any stage of their yoga journey."

Jess Burling,
27yrs, London

“I have honestly never found a practice of yoga that has brought me more into myself, after perhaps five months of being taught at Jo's classes I am in a different space, mentally, physically and spiritually. Each class I leave feeling peaceful, calm and thinking about how amazing the sequence flowed. If you are looking for a yoga practice that has fire, and can make you so grounded it feels like you are sliding into the earth, you've just found it. Jo is also one of the most incredible, hilarious and warm people I have ever met. Thank you!”

Aimee Hastie, 20yrs, Surrey

"As a highly inflexible human and absolute yoga beginner I was very nervous going into my first group session. Jo treated everyone as an individual - she made me feel instantly at ease and helped me fall instinctively into the flow of the class. Jo was sensitive to the boundaries of my abilities, but pushed me enough to very quickly start seeing results and benefits week on week. Even with my very limited yoga knowledge it's clear Jo is a very skilful yoga instructor, helped enormously by her natural ability to read and connect with people."

Lucy Basden-Smith,
34yrs, London

“I’ve been taught vinyasa yoga by Jo since September ‘17 and am always blessed to be part of her class. Jo is an amazing teacher and if you’re lucky enough to attend her classes you’ll know what I mean. I love her classes, they make me feel lighter and full of energy, I would recommend her to anyone, regardless of their level.”

Elise Kye, 37yrs, Surrey

"My yoga practices with Jo have been inspiring, challenging, refreshing, and fun. I had been practising for over 3 years and was looking to expand my practice from only Iyengar to a more rounded experience. I found Jo's classes to be exactly what I was looking for, and more than I hoped. She is generous in her teaching, and mentorship ensuring each student gets the most out of each pose, for them. Her style is educational but relaxed, you learn enormous amounts about the poses, yoga teachings and yourself, but it retains a sense of fun that can be missing from other teachings. Her brand of teaching is inclusive, welcoming and I smile thinking of her classes now. I would highly recommend her for beginners looking to take the plunge, through to advanced students looking to refresh and develop their practice."

Kim Rhodes,35yrs